What is DevOps?

DevOps is the union of people, process, and products to enable continuous delivery of value to our end users.

I am very deliberate in the terms used in this definition. I choose value over software.  DevOps is not just automating a pipeline so we can quickly deliver software. Our goal is to deliver value.  The term end users was also very carefully chosen.  The value we produce must reach our end users.  If the value only reaches the Dev and QA environments but is held up before reaching production where it can be realized by our end users, we are still failing.

It is very important to realize that DevOps is not a product.  You cannot buy DevOps and install it.  DevOps is not just automation or infrastructure as code.  DevOps is people following a process enabled by products to deliver value to our end users.

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  • I heard you on MSDEVSHOW and I really appreciate your passion towards DevOps. And thank you for summing it up in one sentence btw.
  • Blending "the New" into "the Existing" to truly enable the work force, rather than stopping at the defined lines setout by Project Charters and PM plans. In short let's ensure every project element which is declared "out of scope" still connects to the reality of worklife for the poor employee that does not have the option to declare the related work on their desk as "out of scope" as well.
  • Quite apt definition...I am sure over coming time all of us will see the criticality of implementing DevOps and will accept them to remain competitive in the market. Thanks for the definition as well as the well informative video in MVA site.
  • I heard this definition of DevOps on the Radio TFS blog.  It is the most elegant definition of DevOps I've heard (and now, have seen).  I really like your emphasis on delivering *value*, not just software.  A process improvement that delivers the very same software, but delivers it more quickly and reliably, still has value to the end user.  Bravo.
    • I really appreciate that.  Took me a while to write but I think it was worth it.
    • Truth!  I am quoting the CRAP out of this lately, and of course giving Donovan proper credit.  My other favorite thing that he recently said on the most recent  <Shameless plug> Radio TFS podcast</Shameless plug> was that "DevOps isn't something you should debate, it is something you should do", or something to that effect.  Smile
  • I'm preparing a workshop related to DevOps, its perception and adoption. Your definition is a perfect summary.
  • I came across this post from Microsoft's "Introduction to DevOps" online course and indeed found it to be an apt definition that clearly states the ideology of DevOps!
    • I am glad it resonates with you.
  • I really liked the idea of keeping VALUE at the core of DevOps. Very well defined !!
  • Best definition ever. Now I can explain more easily my role in DevOps. Thanks.
  • devops is process

    it's time to market  
    and run on business  to deliver fast and consistently.
  • Dev Ops is a process that combine with people of different level that get together to make delivery to the user.
  • The most elegant definition of DevOps and i liked it :--)
  • Love your DevOps definition @Donovan.  Also listened your Ignite talk this year.
    However, why would you call your self DevOps Manager?
    Is that really a title?
    • I am a manager of a team of DevOps specialists that help guide DevOps best practices for Azure. So, it is accurate but not a common title.
  • Simple, concise and to the point DevOps description ever.

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