Where are my diagnostic build logs?

Problem: I am trying to customize TfvcTemplate.12.xaml and can’t increase the verbosity level any longer. Solution: Open the desired build and click the Diagnostics menu and select View Logs. Explanation: In the past there was an argument on the build template that allowed you to contro... [More]

How to connect SQL Server Data Tools 2012 to TFS 2013

Problem: I installed SQL Server 2012 Standard Edition with SP1 with SQL Server Data Tools and I need to version my projects in TFS 2013. Solution: The IDE for SQL Server Data Tools is Visual Studio 2010 Shell. By installing Microsoft Visual Studio Team Explorer 2010, Microsoft Visual Stud... [More]

Open new tab in PowerShell ISE without using the mouse

Often while using PowerShell ISE I find the need to open additional files, however, I hate using the mouse.  There is a nice command you can use to quickly open a new tab in the current instance of PowerShell ISE.  Simply type ‘ise’ followed by the path to the file to open.

Track current location in PowerShell Title Bar

CLIs or Command-line interfaces are great tools but can become difficult to use when you are buried deep into the file system.  The prompt becomes so long that your commands begin to wrap onto additional lines making it hard to identify errors. However, with PowerShell you can move the curre... [More]