Increase the reach of Code Lens and Code Map

Problem: My code lens does not see references to properties in my MVC views .cshtml files. Solution: Install the Razor Generator extension. Explanation: While watching a great deep dive of Code Map by Jean-Marc Prieur he mentioned the Razor Generator as a way to enable features in Cod... [More]

I can't register the Microsoft Deployment Agent 2013

Updated: With update 2 the deployer account no longer as to be an admin on the machine.  The account simply needs to correct permissions to deploy the desired components.   Problem: When I attempt to register my deployer I get a 401 unauthorized error.   Solution: Make sure the ... [More]

Start and stop Hyper-V VMs from Release Management

While preparing my Demo for TechEd North America 2014 on Release Management I ran into a challenge that required me to add additional custom tools. I thought I would blog about one of the tools I decided to add. One of the goals of my Release Management demo was to deploy to Azure which is an amazi... [More]