Visual Studio Code keyboard shortcut cheat sheet

I recently starting playing with the new cross-platform editor from Microsoft, Visual Studio Code.  This editor has a lot of cool new features.  But to really be productive with any tool you need to know the keyboard shortcuts.  So below is a cheat sheet from what I have been able to discover so far.

Keyboard Shortcut


Alt + Click

add additional cursor

Alt + F12

peek definition

Alt + F4

close window

Alt + Left

navigate between files

Alt + Right

navigate between files

Ctrl + /

split active editor

Ctrl + `

cycle open editors

Ctrl + =

zoom in

Ctrl + -

zoom out

Ctrl + 1

focus left editor

Ctrl + 2

focus right editor

Ctrl + Alt + ]

jump to matching bracket

Ctrl + Alt + click

open definition to side

Ctrl + Alt + Down

add cursor below

Ctrl + Alt + Up

add cursor up

Ctrl + B

toggle sidebar

Ctrl + Click

open file to side

Ctrl + Click

go to definition

Ctrl + E

go to  file

Ctrl + Enter

open file to side

Ctrl + F12

go to definition

Ctrl + F2

add cursor to each occurrence of current word

Ctrl + G

go to line

Ctrl + Shift + D


Ctrl + Shift + E


Ctrl + Shift + F

search all files

Ctrl + Shift + I

shows windows

Ctrl + Shift + J

advanced search all files

Ctrl + Shift + L

add cursor to each occurrence of current selected text

Ctrl + Shift + M

list all current errors

Ctrl + shift + O

navigate to symbol

Ctrl + Shift + P

open control pallet

Ctrl + Shift + U


Ctrl + Shift + W

close window

Ctrl + Space

trigger IntelliSense

Ctrl + T

jump to symbol across files

Ctrl + Tab

cycle files

Ctrl + W

close editor


rename symbol


full screen

Shift + F12

reference search


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  • Wes
    You can press CTRL+t and search for "Default Keyboard Shortcuts" and you'll get a file that has all available keyboard shortcuts
    • Not working for me. I get 'no symbols matching'. ?
      • <F1> to open the command palette
        >Key shows "Preferences: Open Keyboard Shortcuts"

        which will open the keyboard shortcuts Smile
  • Hi..
    what is the keyboard shortcut to execute a package in sis?

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