Change build definition branches with PowerShell


I have a large number of build definitions I need to point to a different branch.


Use the attached PowerShell script.


Today on a call with a customer I was asked how they could point hundreds of builds to a new branch.  My obvious answer was with PowerShell.  With PowerShell we can use the entire TFS API to script whatever we need.  The attached script defines an update-BuildBranch function that takes the following parameters:


This is the full URL to your Team Foundation Server collection.


This is the name of the Team Project that contains the desired build definition.


This is the name of the Build Definition to update or clone.


This is the portion of the Source Control Folder value to search for. $/TeamProject/Branch


This is the value to replace the $from value with. $/TeamProject/NewBranch


If present the Build Definition is updated. If not a copy of the Build Definition is made. -update


function update-BuildBranch




        [string] $tfsUrl,

        [string] $teamProject,

        [string] $buildDefinitionName,

        [string] $from,

        [string] $to,

        [switch] $update






    $teamProjectCollection = [Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Client.TfsTeamProjectCollectionFactory]::GetTeamProjectCollection($tfsUrl)

    $buildServer = $teamProjectCollection.GetService([type]"Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Build.Client.IBuildServer")

    $buildDef = $buildServer.QueryBuildDefinitions($teamProject) | Where-Object { $_.Name -eq $buildDefinitionName }


    if($buildDef -eq $null)


        Write-Error "Build Definition was not found"






        $from = "\" + $from;





        foreach($mapping in $buildDef.Workspace.Mappings)


            $original = $mapping.ServerItem

            $mapping.ServerItem = $original -replace $from, $to

            Write-Verbose "Updating $original to $($mapping.ServerItem)"



        $buildDef.ProcessParameters = $buildDef.ProcessParameters -replace $from, $to;






        $branch = $to.Substring($to.LastIndexOf("/") + 1);


        # Find a name

        $count = 1;

        $newName = "$($buildDef.Name)_$branch"


        while(($buildServer.QueryBuildDefinitions($teamProject) | Where-Object { $_.Name -eq $newName }) -ne $null)


            $newName = "$($buildDef.Name)_$branch`_$count"




        Write-Verbose "Cloning build to $newName"


        $cloneDef = $buildServer.CreateBuildDefinition($teamProject);


        $cloneDef.BuildController = $buildDef.BuildController

        $cloneDef.BatchSize = $buildDef.BatchSize;

        $cloneDef.ContinuousIntegrationQuietPeriod = $buildDef.ContinuousIntegrationQuietPeriod;

        $cloneDef.ContinuousIntegrationType = $buildDef.ContinuousIntegrationType;

        $cloneDef.DefaultDropLocation = $buildDef.DefaultDropLocation;

        $cloneDef.Description = $buildDef.Description;

        $cloneDef.Enabled = $buildDef.Enabled;

        $cloneDef.Name = $newName;

        $cloneDef.Process = $buildDef.Process;

        $cloneDef.ProcessParameters = $buildDef.ProcessParameters -replace $from, $to;

        $cloneDef.QueueStatus = $buildDef.QueueStatus;


        $cloneDef.TriggerType = $buildDef.TriggerType;


        foreach($mapping in $buildDef.Workspace.Mappings)


            $original = $mapping.ServerItem

            $newMapping = $original -replace $from, $to;

            $cloneDef.Workspace.AddMapping($newMapping, $mapping.LocalItem, $mapping.MappingType)

            Write-Verbose "Updating $original to $newMapping"







updateBuildBranch.ps1 (3KB)

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  • Thank you Donovan!  Exactly what I was looking for.
  • Donovan,

    This script is exactly what I was looking for!

    I saw you at Ignite in Chicago and you really gave me the push I needed to use powershell to my advantage.

    Kurtis Orr
    • Hey Kurtis!  Glad this information was helpful.

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