Adding Eclipse to Launcher on Ubuntu 16.04

I recently upgraded to a Lenovo X1 Yoga. It is a brilliant machine and I would highly recommend it. With a new Yoga, I decided to installed Ubuntu 16.04 on my first generation Yoga.  So far so good. The machine is a lot of fun with Ubuntu installed.  The only issue I am having is with my wireless card.image Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. I think the card itself may actually be going out. Nevertheless, I am setting it up as a development machine. I was able to install Visual Studio Code with no issue. I also wanted to install Eclipse.  The install was pretty easy. I just downloaded the archive and extracted it into a Programs folder I created under my Home folder.  The only problem was I could not drag and drop the Eclipse program to my program Launcher like I did with Visual Studio Code. I did some searching and was able to figure it out. This post is to show you how I was able to get Eclipse pinned to my Launcher on Ubuntu 16.04.

  1. Open a text editor
  2. Copy and paste the following text into the editor:
    [Desktop Entry]
    Comment=Java IDE
    Type=Application Categories=Development;IDE; Exec=/home/{username}/Programs/eclipse/eclipse
    Terminal=false StartupNotify=true Icon=/home/{username}/Programs/eclipse/icon.xpm Name[en_US]=Eclipse
  3. Update any paths if you extracted Eclipse to a different location
  4. Save the file as eclipse.desktop in /home/{username}/.local/share/applications/
  5. Reboot your machine
  6. Search for Eclipse
  7. Drag and drop the Eclipse icon to the launcher

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