How to reach nested controls using Coded UI Test Builder

Problem I have a span nested inside an anchor tag and I cannot reach it with CodedUI Test Builder. Solution Use the control navigation button in the Add Assertions dialog.   Explanation While trying to check the attributes on a link in a web application I could never see the font style to determine if it was bold or not.  After further investigation I realized the style I was looking for was not on the link but actually on the span inside the link.  However, whenever I used the cross-hair icon I was only able to select the hyperlink and never the span.  Then I noticed that there is a button in the Add Assertions dialog on the far right that allows you to move to other controls relative to the one currently selected.  Once I clicked the down arrow on the button I was moved to the nested span inside the hyperlink.  

I can't get rid of an old Project Template

Problem I was trying to learn how to create a custom Project Template and now I can't get rid of it! Solution Make sure all the .zip files for your Project Template have been deleted and run devenv /setup Explanation Running devenv /setup will force Visual Studio to reset all the Project Templates and also get rid of old ones.

Where do I place pre-conditions for test cases in MTM

Problem: I have preconditions for a test case in Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) but I don’t know where to store or how to notify the tester before executing the test. Solution: Attach a preconditions document to the first step of your test case or create the preconditions as a shared step. Explanation: When creating a Test Case in MTM you can have attachments on each test step in a test case.  One solution to the problem of preconditions is to attach a document that contains the preconditions to the first step of your test case.  Now when the tester begins the test case the first step will be presented with a link to the preconditions document.  From there the tester can simply click the link to open the document and perform the necessary preconditions for the test case. This same method can be used for any post conditions as well be attaching a document to the final step of the test case. Another option is to create the preconditions as shared steps and include them as the first step in the test case.