How to data bind a Visual Studio 2013 Coded UI Test

Problem I need to run the same Coded UI Test with different data. Solution Data bind your Coded UI Test.  To data bind a test in Visual Studio you just need access to the data source and add attributes to the test. For this example we are going to use a simply CSV file.  So add a new t... [More]

How to use string.Format with LINQ Select

When I project new data types using the Select operator I sometimes want to create new strings from the combination of existing properties.  Naturally I turn to string.Format.  However, if you attempt a call like the one below: public object Get(int id) {    return this.db.Peopl... [More]

How to change your default language in Visual Studio

Problem: I want to change my default languge in Visual Studio. Solution: Select Tools / Import and Export Settings... Select Reset all settings Click Next > I suggest backing up your current settings just in case you want them back. Select the default Language setup you want to use Cl... [More]

How to set the name and pin of my JY-MCU Bluetooth adapter

Problem: I want to change the name and pin of my JY-MCU Bluetooth Board v1.05. Solution: Use an Arduino and send AT commands to the JY-MCU. Explanation: Open the attached sketch into the Arduino IDE and upload to your Arduino.  Connect the RX pin to pin 2, TX pin to pin 3, GND to GND and V... [More]

Building Ubuntu Servers in Hyper-V

Download Ubuntu server Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS ISO from In Hyper-V Manager select New / Virtual Machine Before You Begin Click Next Specify Name and Location Name: <Stage> i.e. Dev, QA, Prod Click Next Specify Generation Select ... [More]

Never forget -Verbose again

Working with DSC I am constantly having to type –Verbose on my Start-DscConfiguration calls.  However, I stumbled across this cool feature of PowerShell that I thought I would share that will set the –Verbose switch on all your calls for you. PowerShell has a collection of Preferen... [More]