How to Xcopy deploy using TFS 2010/2012

Problem I need my VS2010/VS2012 build to perform an “Xcopy deployment” of my ASP.NET application to an existing virtual directory. Solution Customize the build template to use the CopyDirectory activity to copy the ASP.NET application to the virtual directory. Explanation One of the... [More]

sysobject warnings in my DBPro projects

Problem My DBPro project references sysobjects and is causing build warnings for example: SQL04151: Procedure: [dbo].[aspnet_AnyDataInTables] has an unresolved reference to object [dbo].[sysobjects].    Solution Add the following DB reference to your database project: C:\Program... [More]

I can't run my scripts created by DBPro in SSMS

Problem When I try and run my deploy scripts from DBPro in SSMS I get syntax errors where variables are used. Solution Switch on SQL CMD Mode before you execute the SQL file.  To enable the SQL CMD Mode select SQL CMD Mode from the Query menu in SSMS.

One lab machine will not connect to test controller!

Problem I have a lab environment configured with 4 machines. It is running in Network Isolation, and has workflow and test capability enabled.  The testing capability fails only on one machine.  Solution Adjust the binding order of your network adapters so that external adapter is first... [More]

My build agent just stopped working!

Problem My build agent state in Team Foundation Administrative Console states Ready but the icon shows stopped and I can't queue builds. Solution Either log in as the Service Account used to run the build agent or log in using any account and right click on IE and run as the Service Account.1. ... [More]