More fun with CUIT

Problem: I have a CUIT that does not run as fast as I would like. Solution: Use the Coded UI Test Editor in Feature Pack 2 to adjust the actions recorded. Explanation:

How to mole System.dll

Problem: I get “no suitable method found to override” errors when I mole system.dll. Solution: Modify the System.moles file in your project and exclude everything except the types you are trying to mole. Explanation: I was trying to mole the SerialPort class in System.IO.Ports. Afte... [More]

What to do when my CUIT thows a PlaybackFailureException

Updated (Oct 11, 2011) Problem: I have a textbox that has a maximum length of five characters. I want to record a Data Driven CUIT to test that you cannot type in more than five characters.  However, when I attempt to set the textbox to a six character value the CUIT throws a PlaybackFailureE... [More]